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Primary School

The Piano, Fractions, Rugby and Light

This week has been jam-packed of learning, from writing a slow story in English (The Piano), adding and subtractions fractions, investigating how refraction changes the direction in which light travels and practising rugby skills.


We are doing a slow reveal of a clip called ‘The Piano’. This is a fantastic unit of work as the children are thinking carefully about vocabulary and how sentences are structured (we call this sentence stacking). This week has focused on using pathetic fallacy to reflect the mood, using fronted adverbials and repetition for effect. The start of the clip has been quite sad and the children have written some very emotive writing. SPaG has had a focus on tenses.


We are focusing heavily on fractions at the moment and we can order, compare and find equivalent fractions. The children enjoyed an active maths session on Wednesday, firstly finding equivalent fractions and then moving on to adding/subtracting them. Next week, we will be moving on to multiplying and dividing fractions.

If you want more practise, try the interactive PDF file on our Year 6 page:

Or this website (mathsisfun):


We have launched our new topics for this term and the children have shown great enthusiasm. In Science, the children will be investigating light. We looked at how we can see objects and how images reach our eyes. In History, we are starting ‘Crime & Punishment’. We have enjoyed looking at crimes in the Roman period. Art involves drawing pictures in the style of Kandinsky, which will eventually lead us to building sculptures out of recyclable materials. PE has been great fun: our outdoor sessions involve rugby skills and indoor is the game, Kabaoi!


Please remember to complete 5 reads a week, with a comment in your Reading Record. Your reading comprehension and SPaG booklets have a table at the front of them, which tell you what piece of work needs completing and the day it has been set. Remember, homework is given out on a Friday and is expected back on a Wednesday. Spellings are given out every 2 weeks.