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Primary School

Why did the archaeologist go bankrupt?Because his career was in ruins!

The weeks are whizzing by and our Year 6 children are starting to think about their next school. We are busy preparing for our Leavers’ Assembly and we think you will need lots of tissues!

This week we have been revising algebra again to balance number sentences – the children have had to work hard and use a range of skills to check their calculations. As well as algebra, we have been looking at combinations involving 2 variables.

In English, we are continuing with our class book: Wonder. The children have been writing about their own ‘Precepts’ to live by and explaining their choices. We have also been analysing Auggie’s character and how he must be feeling at various points in the story. It is a great book and we are really enjoying it.

As Sports Day is coming up, we have been practising the events with Paul, our coach from Pacesetters. He has helped us with jumping and running. Next week, we will be practising more so we get used to the 100m track – maybe one of us can beat Usain Bolt’s record!

Something very exciting happened on Tuesday: we went on a tour around where the David Wilson Homes are going to be built (by school). The leaders showed us lots of various objects that they had found, dating back to the Bronze Age and the Roman Period! We were lucky enough to stand in what used to be a Roman house! Lots of us found pottery in the ground and were able to take it home. We are incredibly lucky to have this experience as we will be some of the only people to ever witness the objects in the ground as the archaeologists will now preserve them and put them back in the ground.