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Primary School

Term 4 - Year 6

Year 6 have been busy preparing for the SATs, competing in tournaments and perfecting our sketching skills for Mother’s Day cards – we hope you liked them!


Well done to those Year Sixes who participated in the Netball League and came in 2nd and 11th place.

Mrs Hannah’s rugby club went to a tournament on the 21st March to compete against five other teams. They came second, as well as getting the award for being the most honest team.

Next term we will be doing cricket in our PE lessons. We are all looking forward to it and hopefully playing outside in the sunshine!


In maths we’ve been working really hard, revising for our SATS. We’ve all been going back over our previous practice tests to make sure we know everything needed and looking at how we can improve.


Also in maths we have been doing area and perimeter. We have all learnt that to find the area of a shape, you have to calculate the length and width and multiply them together. If you are looking at the area of a triangle remember: length multiplied by the width and then divide by 2. We also looked at finding the area of compound shapes.


In English we’ve been practising our reading comprehensions skills and using songs and their lyrics to do so (we loved the ‘Circle of Life’ from the Lion King!) Year 6 have been looking at different parts of the text to help us with our tests and using quotes to support answers. We must remember to put capital letters and full stops! Also we’ve been going over lots of different parts of SPaG.

Relaxation Session

As we are nearing the SATs, we took part in a relaxation session, which would help us calm down in different ways.  In the session we wrote about what we liked about other people on a sheet of paper and we have been given some homework to make ‘Calming Jars’, which involve glitter and a clear container.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and see you in 2 weeks!


Written by Lottie G and Emma E (Peake Class)