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  • British Sign Language - This Is Me

    Published 17/04/18, by Jack Davies

    For our Sound topic in Science we will be learning a song in sign language.


    Please use the link below to practise at home :)


    We will record our final version and share it wiht you in the next few weeks....



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  • Egg-citing Egg-speriment by Izzy

    Published 23/03/18, by Jack Davies

    Which drink damages your teeth the least?

    Prediction: I think water will be the best for your teeth.

    Independent Variables: the liquid

    Controlled Variables: the amount of liquid, the size of the egg, the beaker

    Method: First, we put 200ml of water in a glass beaker. Then, we put a boiled egg in it. After that, we repeated the process but put in full fat coke. Then we did it with milk and then with orange juice.

    (I don't think it was totally fair though because we put the eggs in at different times)



    Over the past five days we have been working on an egg-speriment. We have had a wonderufl time. We had 4 eggs and 200ml of orange juice, milk, water and full fat coke.

    We were surprised by some of the results.

    Coke was the 2nd worst for the egg and the orange juice was the worst.

    I think that milk was the best and the water was the second best.



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  • Duathlon and Candlemas

    Published 08/02/18, by Jack Davies

    On Tuesday we took part in a whole school challenge to pedal and run our way 717km to the International Space Station. Unbeknownst to us, they sent us the challenge to get there and back.

    When we arrived in the hall, we were told that we would work in three teams to cycle, run and rest for 2 minutes on a rotation.

    In Year 4 we managed to run 96km and cycled 141km between us.

    This contributed to our school total and we absolutely smashed it!

    The children all amazed us with their enthusiasm and competitiveness.


    On Wednesday this week, the children were invited to attend the Candlemas Service at St Peter’s Church in Oundle. It was lovely to share the morning with all of the schools in the cluster and we were all excellent ambassadors of our school.

    Leading up to the service, the children created a poster to demonstrate Caring in our community and the wider world. This poster will be on display in the Church if you would like to go and see it. Gethin in Legend class read our words on Caring extremely confidently and we were very proud of him. Barney in Wonder class collected the candle for our school and represented our school really well. Thank you to both boys for their involvement in the service.

    We were extremely impressed by the behaviour of the children and they sang beautifully.

    We hope you have a wonderful Half Term!

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  • Hello and Happy New Year!

    Published 22/01/18, by Jack Davies

    Year 4 have had an exciting start to the new year.  Each class were visited by Richard from Anglian Water who talked to the children about the water cycle and how Anglian Water look after our water supply.

    The children had great fun making their own sewage (school friendly we promise) and learning how much water they waste when they clean their teeth – 21 litres every two minutes if you don’t turn the tap off!

    We have also come to the end of our English topic and we wrapped in blankets and had hot chocolate like the little boy in the book. We are looking forward to seeing some great writing in the children’s hot writes later this week.

    The Year 4 children go to Candlemas at Oundle church in a few weeks to celebrate this festival with other schools in the local area. We always have a lovely time. There will be a permission slip going home this week.

    Samba has started and the children are enjoying learning the Samba rhythms. Look out for a letter soon about performance dates.


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  • Christmas is coming....

    Published 15/12/17, by Jack Davies

    Today, Year 4 were very kindly invited to St James’ Church, to take part in some festive celebrations.

    After walking down to the Church, we thought about different ways that messages are sent today and compared this to how Mary and Joseph found out about their special news.

    We watched an interesting video clip about the chords/cords of Christmas and then split off in to different groups. Each group spent time doing a range of activities, organised by the lovely volunteers at the Church.

    One group made some beautiful Angels and Manger scenes which will look beautiful hung on your Christmas trees at home.

    Meanwhile, another group sang some fun songs sat in the choir.

    Next, the children discovered how the bells worked in the belfry and wrote their own messages to be rung out through the town.

     We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and the children were incredibly well behaved. We were very proud of them and they were a real credit to the school.

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  • Tudor Experiences

    Published 15/12/17, by Jack Davies

    The children thoroughly enjoyed their Tudor experience days. Mr Davies braved the kitchen with each of the three classes to create ‘authentic’ Tudor Pottage and bread rolls which the children (and adults) weren’t quite sure they enjoyed.

    Mrs Bromley took the children back in time to become Tudor Doctors. With thanks to our wonderful actors who took on the roles of the sick people, the children were able to suggest cures for them using traditional methods.

    The children loved looking at the different herbs and trying to work out what they were. Don’t trust any of the remedies they suggest for your next headache.

    Mrs Stortors coached the children to produce traditional Tudor dancing which they then performed to each other. The children were excellent at adopting the style of dancing required and produced some really great routines.

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  • BLOG 2

    Published 06/10/17, by Jack Davies

    WOW! What a busy few weeks we have had! What with the exciting (and very comfortable) World Animal Day on Wednesday to a fantastic (if a little creepy) Woodlice experiment for our Habitats Topic in Science.

    We have spent out week learning all about Roman Numerals. Some of us have an excellent understanding of reading and writing Roman Numerals all the way up to and beyond 1000!!!

    This week, we started our History Topic of Anglo-Saxons. We have started looking at the fall of the Roman Empire, and how Britain was invaded by Nomads from all over Europe – I am sure there is a Brexit joke in there somewhere.

    We have held debates about whether it was fair to call the Barbarians barbaric, created our own images of what they looked like and discussed in detail whether we would prefer to be a Roman or a Nomad.

    We are linking our History topic to our English Non-Chronological Report writing over the next few weeks, so we will be aiming to share some of these with you later in the term.

    We are all excited about our Harvest Festival next Wednesday (11th at 9:30-10:00). We look forward to seeing you there, and hope you remember to bring in Harvest boxes for us to delivery on Thursday and Friday to the local community.

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  • Welcome!

    Published 22/09/17, by Jack Davies

    Welcome to Year 4! The children have settled in really well as we approach the end of week 3. Please don’t forget that we have our Harvest Festival celebrations on Wednesday 11th October from 9:30am. The children have been working hard to learn an array of Harvest songs for you to enjoy.


    This week we have been looking at habitats and the invertebrates that live there. We went on an investigation walk around our school grounds looking for them. Here are some pictures of what we found. It was a great afternoon.

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  • Perspective Art - Inside the Human Body

    Published 31/03/17, by Jack Davies

    We have been working really hard in ICT to edit our own pictures. We have used a green screen and a photo editing software to manipulate pictures of ourselves and transpose them onto pictures inside our bodies.

    Here are a few examples from our class.

    If you would like to see any more, please let us know and we can add them to our blog :)

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  • Easter Homework: Mountains

    Published 23/03/17, by Jack Davies

    Our next topic will be Mountains.

    We thought we would give you some options as inspiration for your homework this half term.  We would like you to choose 1 or 2 tasks from the list below. You are more that welcome to do more than 2 of the tasks if you would like.

    1. Make an equipment list for what you need to climb a mountain

    2. Make a model of a mountain

    3. Write a biography of Edmund Hillary

    4. Write a poem about a mountain

    5. Write a diary entry about being on a mountain

    6. Take a photo of you on a mountain

    7. Draw or paint a picture of a mountain scene

    8. Make a mountain collage

    9. Learn a song about a mountain

    10. Create a mountain dance

    Homework is due back on Wednesday 26th April

    Your homework will be presented to the class (if you would like) and then be put on display around school.

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  • Skip2BFit

    Published 24/02/17, by Jack Davies


    Year 4 had a fabulous afternoon with John from Skip2Bfit. The children skipped for two minutes and tried really hard to get the best score they could.


    Lots of children got scores above 150 and Lulu and Poppy achieved record scores of 187 and 193 respectively.


    We all had a fabulous afternoon and the children loved their free blueberries.


    Skipping ropes will be on sale after school next week please look out for them!

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  • New Year, New Me

    Published 13/01/17, by Jack Davies

    Welcome back! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break and are sufficiently full of mince pies, Christmas pud, Quality Street, etc.

    We have come back with a bang, as Samba lessons started today. We arrived promptly in the music room to an array of Samba drums, Ganzas and Agogos, eager to start playing. We were delegated our instrument for the morning and were taught some different rhythms, starting with “I Like Chocolate In The Microwave” (ask your children). We will be doing Samba on a Friday morning for the next ten weeks, culminating in a fantastic assembly, in which parents are invited to attend to see our hard work.

    Our Science topic this week has been Teeth and Digestion, which we have linked to Recount writing in English. Today we watched an episode of The Magic School Bus, in which the children took a journey through the digestion system (not literally). If you could encourage your child to watch the link again at some point over the week, it would really help support our English lessons next week.

    On a similar note, a gentle reminder that your child’s Greek Project is due in on Monday 23rd January.

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