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Primary School

Happy easter.

Gosh, what a busy term we have had! 

We have explored the wonderful world of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Including creating our own chocolate bar designs and flavours as well as writing our own version of the start of the story with wonderful results! We have also been using a green screen in computing to create pictures of ourselves in the Willy Wonka film set! So don’t be surprised to see a picture of your child swimming in the chocolate river, next time you look through our school books! We have continued to develop and explore our spelling, punctuation and grammar, most of the children now can now accurately write dialogue, remembering all the correct layout and punctuation! We can also use fronted adverbials and have developed our ability to write complex sentences. We have also had a wonderful time exploring poetry, learning poems we can recite and writing our own poems such as haikus, applying all the features we have learnt. In maths we have worked really hard whilst exploring fractions and decimals, recognising their relationship and converting between the two. We have also carried out lots of reasoning and problem solving with these to show how we can apply our learning.

In addition we have got to grips with life as an Anglo-Saxon, developed our understanding of the Christian Easter story, explored Solids, Liquids and Gases and created beautiful watercolours from the Bayeux tapestry plus many more things, to many to mention! Legend class have thoroughly enjoyed having the lovely Miss McCormack working with them whilst she trains to become a teacher and we will all miss her next term when she returns to university.

Next term, we look forward to all of the exciting events, which are listed on our website notes. We will also begin our samba drumming. But, for now it is time for our children to have a lovely rest after working so hard, so we wish you all a wonder Easter break and look forward to another exciting term starting on Wednesday 24th April.