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Primary School


WOW! What a busy few weeks we have had! What with the exciting (and very comfortable) World Animal Day on Wednesday to a fantastic (if a little creepy) Woodlice experiment for our Habitats Topic in Science.

We have spent out week learning all about Roman Numerals. Some of us have an excellent understanding of reading and writing Roman Numerals all the way up to and beyond 1000!!!

This week, we started our History Topic of Anglo-Saxons. We have started looking at the fall of the Roman Empire, and how Britain was invaded by Nomads from all over Europe – I am sure there is a Brexit joke in there somewhere.

We have held debates about whether it was fair to call the Barbarians barbaric, created our own images of what they looked like and discussed in detail whether we would prefer to be a Roman or a Nomad.

We are linking our History topic to our English Non-Chronological Report writing over the next few weeks, so we will be aiming to share some of these with you later in the term.

We are all excited about our Harvest Festival next Wednesday (11th at 9:30-10:00). We look forward to seeing you there, and hope you remember to bring in Harvest boxes for us to delivery on Thursday and Friday to the local community.

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