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Primary School

Active Maths Shortcut

Active Maths Letter shared at Parents Evening.

Welcome to the Maths of the Day homework activities. Type/click the link:

Here you will find dozens of different activities for each year group, all designed to complement your child’s learning in school, in a fun and active way.

Simply click on homework, select your child’s year group, then the area of maths and a choice of activities will be there. You can download them as PDFs, print them, or view them on your tablet or device.

We have tried to allow for different settings and home environments. Most activities can take place indoors or outdoors. There is a minimal amount of equipment needed. This will either be things you will have at home, such as dice or a stopwatch on your phone, or cards and help sheets that can be printed off at school or home. Number cards could even be made at home.

Generally, the bigger the space your child can use, the better – they’ll be getting more exercise that way.

Each Homework Activity Card has a key learning objective, a fun title, what you need, detailed instructions, an extension (challenge) activity, what to record for the teacher, a healthy fact, survey question and exercise challenge. Plenty to get on with!

Your teacher may set particular activities for the class or your child regularly, or you may choose to select different activities for your child as the time and circumstances suit, maybe in the school holidays, for example.

The company welcome feedback at and please follow us on twitter @MathsoftheDay– tweet them to say what your child is up to!

Please remember that this an optional extra to your child’s homework

Any questions or concerns about this, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Miss Bower & Mr Davies