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Primary School

Term 1 Week 3

Hello to everyone who is interested in Farah Class and all we get up to.

Lots of the Stone Age homework is now up on display in our Year Three corridor and we hope you agree it is looking fabulous. In addition, the work the children completed over the summer has been shared in our history lessons, showing how their work supports their learning in school.

This week in Maths we have moved on to identifying, representing and estimating numbers using different representations. This can be supported by asking children to place numbers on an empty number line or perhaps a number line with just the 10’s numbers added. We are also looking at rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or the nearest 100 and there are activities on RM Easimaths to help secure these skills.

In English we are developing our understanding of direct speech using inverted commas “” and the associated punctuation using ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith. You can support this learning by looking for direct speech when reading with your child and checking the punctuation used.

Finally, well done to our achievers in Farah class this week, we hope you enjoy seeing their framed photo or work on display as much as they do! Next week look out for pictures of our Reading Picnic, the children who have met the school reading target are very excited to receive their reward!