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Primary School

Sandwich makers!

Year 3 have worked hard to consider what a 'balanced diet' is, plan and design their own healthy sandwich and then make them following our kitchen rules!

This week, every class has followed their plans to make their healthy sandwiches. The children were able to taste their own sandwiches as well as give a selection to the staff of the school to say thank you for all of their hard work. The children really enjoyed using the food technology room and were all very sensible using the kitchen tools. They all also managed to successfully wash up and tidy up after themselves!

The children have learnt lots about healthy eating and how to stay fit and healthy. The children now understand the different food groups and are all experts at explaining which food group different items of food comes from. The children know which food groups they should have most of and least of to maintain a 'balanced diet'. 

Well done everyone!