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Primary School

Natural World Experience

On Tuesday, we had a visit from the Natural World Experience. We met lots of interesting creatures and learnt some exciting facts.

We could hold or touch a variety of different things, including snakes, cockroaches, stick insects, tarantulas and Giant African land snails. Lily was especially brave and held the snake's head even though she felt nervous!

The children shared their knowledge by answering questions, especially James, who was very informative.

These are some of the facts we learnt -

Stick insects - the female sticks her spike in the ground to make a hole to lay her eggs. Their red wings are sometimes shown to warn us to leave them alone and they put their tail up like a scorpion.

Madagascan hissing cockroach - hisses so people think it is a snake to protect itself.

Giant African land snails - are both male and female. They are hermaphrodytes. They have a foot which they slide along on.

Giant African black millipede - is made up of segements.  It has 4 legs per segment. It is a detritivore (it eats nature's rubbish).

Taratulas shed their old skins as they grow.

The children all enjoyed this experience and had a fantastic time!