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Primary School

Florence Nightingale Day

We had a fantastic day yesterday learning all about Florence Nightingale and the children looked great in their outfits!

At the start of the day, Florence introduced herself to us and explained what life was like in 1854. We then had a go at making various items which would have been used in the hospital, personal items for the nurses, together with other items which would have been sold to raise funds for the War Effort: Candle holders, pill boxes, uniform brassards, diaries, and lockets.

During the second session, we assisted Miss Nightingale to investigate lost luggage belonging to important people who were accompanying her to Scutari.

We spent the afternoon taking part in a variety of role-play activities: running the hospital, cleaning, counselling, bandaging, gardening and cooking.

We all had a wonderful day and learnt lots about life during the Crimean War.