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Primary School

Welcome to the Dragonfly class

We have had a couple of very busy weeks settling into Year 1, both Mrs Charles and Mrs Chambers are very proud of how we have shown we are ready to learn and embrace all the adventures this year will bring. 

We have come back to school remembering all the good habits we had learnt in Reception, and are eager to build on our previous learning and challenge ourselves.

It has been lovely to see all our old friends and make 3 new ones too. The new children have settled into the class very well and you would not know they had only just joined us. Well done Dragonflies for making them feel so welcome. 

We have been very busy with our maths skills - focussing on counting and representing numbers in different ways. We have begun to count in 2s and 10s. Our teachers are very impressed with the way we discuss our ideas using mathematical sentences. 

We have continued to build on our phonic skills and also look at the settings within stories.  Our favourite stories for the first week were the Pete the Cat ones that meant we could sing and dance a bit too. Pete is one cool cat - who takes life in his stride. 

There have been lots of other fun things too -

PE both inside and outside,

DT - we have been looking at the faces on different dolls. 

Geography - we have looked at where we went on holiday and what countries make up the UK

Computing - we have been taking pictures of bugs - firstly we did the plastic ones and then today we went outside to find, count and photograph real ones.  

In science we have talked about living / not living and never alive. We are now beginning to look at habitats, and why different animals live in different places. Today we matched some animals with their habitats - we had fun working in our groups and Mrs Charles could see who was good at discussing their ideas while we worked. 



We are very much looking forward to the topics developng further and learning much more. Please come and see us if you have any questions or if you could be a regular helper in school (doesnt have to be every week). 

We may give tasks for the children to do by putting stickers in their reading diary - please check these regularly. And children who have 5 home reads a week get a stamp in their reading diary. 

Also remember - something special or precious to your child for our RE lesson on Friday please.