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Primary School

Cadbury World

We had a great day out at Cadbury world.

Year 1 and 2 all went on a trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham. We learnt about how chocolate was discovered in central America and brought back to Europe. We now know how the beans are extracted from the cacao pods and made into the delicious chocolate now that we eat.  There was a lot of demonstrations as to how the different bars are made and the modelling area where chocolate can even be made into shoes or teapots. 

There was lots of fun activities also - we could write our name in chocolate, design our own bar by tasting different sweets in melted chocolate, lots if interactive games as we went round and a range of films to watch .......even in 4D!

We were all given a few bars to bring home with us too - luckily no one fell in any of the chocolate vats!

Check out our gallery for more photos. 

It was a lovely day out - even the rain didn't dampen our spirits as we dashed from building to building! We are now looking forward to learning more about chocolate back in school and seeing if we can be more successful than the Cadbury brothers were.