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Primary School

Soggy Spring

It's been a little wet and windy this term but it hasn't dampened our spirits for learning! 

Spring is definitely here with the differences in weather the children have been experiences. We do embrace the weather so please make sure they have a named coat, preferable with a hood in case its a little drizzly at playtimes. On the other hand we also have had great sunshine days too - lots of opportunities to look out for rainbows. 

In the classrooms we have been very busy. We had great fun on world book day - the teachers were amazing telling us the story of The Day the Crayons quite and we had lots of fun activities. 

We have been enjoying learning about Africa and thank you for all the work you did for show and tell - we got to talk about a lot of areas of interest concerning this topic. We will be comparing Kenya further with Thrapston over the next few weeks. 

In our maths we completed some really hard addition work, thinking about using those number bonds from our Maths challenges so keep up the hard work on those. We have now been working practically on measuring the length and height of objects - we will soon be doing weight and capacity too. 

We are really getting into Jill Murphy books and this week have been learning all about the Bear family - especially remembering to give them capital letters for their names. 

It has been science week this week and we were lucky enough to have the science ambassadors from the whole school come down to do some investigations with our children. They enjoyed discussing their ideas with the other children. We will be doing some more investigations within our classes this term too. 

Our DT will be on making moving pictures so thank you for those that have brought in named books for us to use as demonstrations - if you have any please could we borrow them - the children will only be looking at them so they will be safe.