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Primary School

We had visitors!

Today Natural world Experience brought sme of their animals to visit us. 

As part of our work on animals and their habitats we had some animals come to visit us. 

We were able to hold a lot of them and our teachers were very impressed at how brave we were. We learnt about how stick insects make a hole in the ground using the point at the end of their body and then lay their eggs safely in the hole. We saw the biggest frog in the world. Paul talked about the differences between millipedes and centipedes (can you remember?) There were dragons, scorpians, snakes (including a very adventurous Boa Constrictor), stick insects, hissing cockroaches and even a tarantula. We are very grateful for school paying for these visitors to add to our science curriculum - but our teachers are hoping all the visitors left the building safely at the end of the day! 

We hope your child enjoyed our visitors and remembered to tell you a lot about them. 

We would like to wish you all a happy half term after parents evening catch ups this week- see you all back at school on Tuesday 31st October.