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Primary School

Phonics and Diwali

This week we held a phonics drop-in session for parents.  We have also been learning about how Diwali is celebrated.


During our phonics drop-in session on Wednesday 18th October some of the parent's asked about ways that they could help their children at home and we suggestd some websites or activities.  We've included some useful websites in our blog: 

The way that the sounds are used in the Alphablocks show are the way that we teach them to the children as well.

The above link takes you to the 'Mr Thorne does Phonics' videos.  There are a lot here as it covers lots of other areas of English.  The videos with the letter sounds may be useful, we use these in school and the children particularly enjoy 'Geraldine the Giraffe'

In Reception we currently use the Jolly Phonics scheme to deliver the Letters and Sounds phonics teaching.  This website has a number of free resources, including at the bottom the sounds that the letters make.  Again this follows the teaching that we are doing with the children.

If you need any further guidance on how you can support your child with their word/sound tub or reading at home feel free to speak to any member of our Reception Team.


This week we have been learning all about Diwali and how Hindu people celebrate Diwali.  The children have made diva lamps using playdough, they have use paper plates to create diva lamps and made firework pictures using paint and dishbrushes as well as chalks and using paint to create mendhi patterns on paper hands.  One of our Must Do Jobs has been to use the magnetic shapes to create a Rangoli pattern, which we also did out on the playground with chalks.  Mrs Evans also came in on Wednesday to teach us some Indian Dancing, it was trickier than it looks and all of the children tried very hard.  They enjoyed listening to the different style of music to dance too as well.






We are really pleased with how well the children have settled into school for their first term.  We were pleased to hear at Parent's Evenings how much they are all enjoying school as well.  We hope all of the children enjoy a well earned week off and we'll see them back at school on Tuesday 31st October.  Please do share anything you get up to over the holidays on their ILD, we do love seeing what they do outside of school as well.

See you all in Term 2!