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Primary School

The day the animals came to play

Nursery celebrated World Animal Day with some super animal costumes and some fun animal activities.

On Wednesday 4th October, instead of children coming to nursery, we were greeted by an array of animals from monkeys to polar bears to unicorns! A big thank you to parents for supporting us in this school-wide charity event to raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund.

Many of our activities throughout the day were linked to animals, from painting and colouring animal pictures to listening to a funny animal story at the school library to bouncing like kangaroos on trampolines in the drama hall. The children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed themselves as you will see from the photographs below.

On another note, we have been really pleased to see how well your children are settling into their new nursery environment and how quickly they have learned to follow our rules and routines (with the exception of one or two!) and to make new friendships with both each other and the nursery adults. We had a circle time session this morning where we played games to help the children learn each other's names and they sat so beautifully with such focused "looking eyes and listening ears" I had to take a photo to preserve the moment....see below!

We look forward to the coming weeks and the activities we have planned including an autumn walk around the school grounds, the commencement of our Colour Focus Table and many more trips to use the soft play equipment in the reception hall; the latter being by very popular demand!

Mrs Foster


Aren't we sitting smartly?!