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Primary School

Fun in the sun, fun in the rain, fun in boxes and all things inbetween!

Phew, what a busy few weeks it's been. Have a peek and see what we have been getting up to.

It's been a while since I posted a new blog, my apologies for this, but you will see what a busy final few weeks of Nursery we have been having.

The children became hooked on making pretend campfires, actually they are still pretty hooked even now several weeks on. We had a great time building them; some of the boys had the idea to paint the logs and bark red and yellow to look like fire then we made sausages (out of newspaper and tights - yum!) and stone jacket potatoes to "cook" on the campfire. We even all sat round it, singing some campfire songs and pretending to toast marshmallows with real marshmallows so we could eat them!

Abiding by our ethos that we go out whatever the weather, one particularly rainy day, we got togged up with waterproofs and umbrellas and had a super time splashing and gathering rainwater in various containers. Who says rain stops play?!

Then one particularly warm day, we had a mini paddling pool down on the "Big Playground" and the children had a splashing good time cooling down their feet. What with that and our lovely big sandpit, we felt like we were at the seaside.

We have been lucky enough to have some exciting visitors too. Firstly, Mrs Hinde - our fabulous "Helping Grandma" - brought in a device to make enormous bubbles with, it was so exciting! The children were absolutely captivated, one little girl was heard exclaiming excitedly "It's like a show!" It was! Thank you Mrs Hinde.

Most recently, Christian the Paramedic came to visit with ambulance in tow too. He is the father of one of the nursery children and we say a very big thank you to him for giving up a morning to tell and show us all about his job. Christian brought lots of specialist equipment and the children were very keen to have a go at everything. I think their favourite bit (and yes I admit, mine too) was when he turned on the sirens for us! One especially enthusiastic little boy spent the rest of the day grinning from ear to ear and saying "Ambulance, it was the loudest!"

Oh and before I forget, we also had a "Box Day" and what a hit that was. We placed numerous boxes of various shapes and sizes in the Tadpole Room and allowed the children free rein to create/play whatever they wanted. It was a delight to see their imagination going into overdrive and reminded me why I enjoy working with nursery-aged children so much. We had princess castles; car ramps; hideyholes and "magical machines" to name a few.

Last week, we had Mrs Reeve and her reception class visit us which proved very popular with all involved. A great chance to meet and make new friends in preparation for September. It hardly seems possible that your children are soon moving on from nursery to the next stage of their schooling, where did that year go? I shall be very sorry to see them go.

Finally, on behalf of Mrs Sinnott, Mrs Melville and myself, we would like to say a very big thank you for all your kind words, empathy and understanding. You will know what a sad and difficult time it has been and your support has been greatly appreciated.

Mrs Foster