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Primary School

Hairy visitors

Rosie and Incy the tarantulas came to visit us today along with Lola and Lily the blue frogs!

As our current topic is minibeasts, we arranged for a visit from Sophie and her pet tarantulas plus her two pet frogs just for good measure!

Believe it or not the children were transfixed (the staff not so much due to the odd spider phobia!) and listened very carefully to the fascinating facts and information Sophie shared with us about her pets. The children had lots of questions they wanted to ask although these needed a little honing as "Do the spiders have any brown on them?" was asked more than once!

With our questions exhausted, we watched Rosie being fed crickets but sadly she stayed resolutely disinterested despite not having eaten for a month - what a great weight loss programme!

The children all took turns to have a closer look at both the spiders and the frogs, all of which stayed in their tanks I hasten to add. To my surprise, not one of them showed any fear or hesitation at getting up so close to such big spiders. In fact several of them were beside themselves with excitement and couldn't get enough of them. I apologise now if any of you should find yourselves being plagued with requests for pet tarantulas but I can put you in touch with a tarantula expert!

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