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Primary School

Our Special Visitor

Read all about our special visitor Rosie the Micro-Lamb!

Thanks to our fabulous "Helping Grandma," Mrs Hinde, we were given the opportunity to have a lamb visit us for the day on Wednesday 15th March. The lamb, who was very kindly lent to us by Farmer Jo at Lancaster Farm, was collected and brought to nursery by Mrs Hinde who generously gave up her time to spend the day with us and take responsibility for Rosie.

We kept Rosie's visit a surprise so the first the children knew about her presence was some very noisy bleating! Once they realised where the noise was coming from, they were very excited and keen to meet the tiny micro-lamb and any initial nerves some of them had about handling her were very quickly overcome.

We could not have asked for a better behaved lamb, she was definitely born for the role of a petting lamb. She was inquisitive and keen to explore, loved being handled and even frolicked on the playground with all the children. The only time she made a fuss was when we put her in her pen whilst we all had lunch and she made her displeasure at being left alone clearly heard!

After lunchtime, having spent some time with the lamb, we all sat down to discuss names for her and suggestions were taken then names drawn out of a hat and from then on she became Rosie.

It was so lovely seeing the children's reactions and interactions with the lamb and they are still buzzing about it now. We have had a slide-show of all the photos from the day playing on the Interactive Whiteboard and the children have been excited to see photos of themselves with Rosie. We plan to produce some artwork using these photos during the coming week.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Hinde for organising the visit and for giving up her time to help and we will be sending a thank you card to Farmer Jo.

Mrs Foster

P.S. Please also see the photo below of our neatly lined up shoes, placed there by the children in readiness for PE - we can do it!