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Primary School

Chinese New Year

Last week in Nursery we celebrated Chinese New Year and took part in lots of related activities.

We started off our week by boarding an aeroplane to China! Well not really, but we had great fun pretending we were! All the children were given a plane ticket and asked to take their seats, put on their seat belts and get ready to fly to China. We watched video footage of an actual flight so we could pretend we were in the plane looking out of the window at the view below and the clouds. We even had refreshments when Mrs Walker played the role of air stewardess and dished out milk and biscuits! It proved a very popular activity and we all couldn't wait for the return flight home again on Friday!

We also watched the story of Chinese New Year and learned about the 12 different animals who raced each other to decide who the year would be named after. Then we role played the story ourselves using toy animals and fabric as the river. Sometimes we changed the ending so that different animals could win!

Throughout the week, we took part in lots of other activities such as making Chinese fans, lucky red envelopes (including chocolate coins!), cherry blossom trees, playdough Chinese dragons and we even had a go at some Chinese writing which was very tricky. We are in the process of creating a display of the children's work, from this jam-packed week, in the cloakroom so watch this space!

This week we are thinking about our native wild birds and how to look after them during the winter months so please help your child look out for different species of birds as you are out and about.

Before I wish you all a super week off (I think the children are very ready for this, a number of them tell us how tired they are!) just a gentle reminder that we do have lots of messy activities available at nursery so please try to send your child in old clothes and don't be too surprised if they come home in need of a good bath!

Have a lovely half term week,

Mrs Foster