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Primary School

Busy, busy, busy!

Settling in, keeping busy and having lots of fun!

So far, so good - the merry little crew of new Nursery children, aka the Tadpoles, continue to settle in really well and not a day goes past without one or other of them making the Nursery staff giggle!

And they certainly haven't been resting on their laurels; from painting the pirate ship on the playground (with water I hasten to add!) to making birthday cakes to mark making in flour to role playing in the Home Corner we have all been extremely busy. The children are beginning to learn the Nursery rules and routines and friendships continue to grow. It has been heartwarming seeing some of our shyer children grow in confidence and begin to come out of their shells and I am so proud of the one or two that, despite still feeling a little wobbly about coming to Nursery, make such an effort to overcome their nerves and rally their spirits. Judging by how tired some of the Tadpoles have become by the end of the week, it is clear that they are throwing themselves into this new adventure in their lives with gusto!

Most children have also experienced staying for lunch on at least one occasion and on the whole seem to have adapted to this new challenge really well. They are often keen to share with the Nursery team what they have in their lunchbox and some can be heard asking if it's lunchtime yet as early as 9.30am!

We have lots more exciting activities to come such as Autumn walks, conker painting and cooking and we look forward to sharing these with the children. Oh and don't forget Wild Animal day on Tuesday 4th October!

Mrs Foster