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Primary School

Virtual Dodgeball

Northamptonshire School Games - week 1

After the success of the Lockdown Olympics, I have signed us up for a series of virtual challenges that you can do at home.

The first of these is dodgeball. Now I’m sure you’re curious as to how you can play virtual dodgeball, but this activity sets challenges based on the skills you need to play dodgeball – namely throwing, running, ducking, picking things up and dodging.

Here is the link to the official video sent by Northamptonshire Sport.


This film demonstrated the three challenges and also includes activity sheets and family problem solving activities.

The scoring works as follow.

  1. For Dodgeball Slam it is how many times you can hit a target in 60 seconds – you will need to get a big pile of throw able objects – balls, rolled up socks, teddies, cushions… The suggested distance is 5 metres for nursery – year 2 children, 10 metres for children in years 3 and 4 and 15 metres for children in years 5 and 6. However these are suggested distances there is obvious flexibility depending on available space. Score = number of times you hit the target
  2. For Pepper Pot Challenge it is how many items (I would screw up bits of newspaper and have at least 20 - 30) you can retrieve in 30 seconds. In the film the markers look like they are 3-5 metres away from the starter marker, so I would go with that distance. Score = how many items you get in 30 seconds.
  3. For the 5d Challenge you are being timed to run around a course of 5 markers – the suggested distances apart are 5 metres – nursery to year 2, 10 metres years 3-4 and 15 metres years 5-6, but again this is flexible depending on the amount of space you have available. Somebody will throw balls / socks / teddies… at you while you are going round the course (one throw per marker) If you get hit, add 2 seconds onto your time. Score = time to complete the course (including time penalties for being hit).

So when you have completed the activities, send your scores to me. The scores must be in by this Friday 8th May.

I will probably make an alternative demonstration video tomorrow to address any confusion (or create further confusion!)

There is a lot of flexibility in these activities. The main focus is on having fun, participating and being active (unlike last week where it was all about winning!).

Having said that, it’s nice to win. So let’s see if we can equal, or even improve on what we did last week.

We are competing against schools across Northamptonshire – at present over 200 schools have signed up to take part!

There will a different set of activities over the next few weeks (depending on how long school is closed). There will be challenges in Football, Gymnastics, Athletics – track, Athletics – field, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis and Boccia/kurling.