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Primary School

Internet safety at home - you tube

As you will see from many of the year groups’ learning blogs on our school website teachers are recommending videos to watch on YouTube to enhance children’s learning.  In addition to this some of the videos have been created by our own members of staff and shared via our school channel. 

Whilst we know the content of the videos we are recommending is safe for the children to watch we cannot guarantee that any adverts or additional content around the side is also safe.

To address this staff will be copying all YouTube links into and then generating a safe link to share with you.  When using this link the children will not have additional content or inappropriate adverts shared when the video is played. 

We recommend that you monitor your children’s internet use and YouTube viewing wherever possible to ensure that the content that they are accessing is suitable for them.  At school we teach the children internet safety through ‘thinkyouknow’.  Here is the link to their website if you need further guidance and to help support your children with their internet use, at a time that we recognise they will be using it more.