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Primary School

Home Learning during School closures

We are still committed to the education of your child while we are not at school. 

The teachers have been busy preparing a range of learning opportunities for your child to work through in your own home. While it is not a class based situation and every persons home life is different, how you organise it is up to you. We are also aware that children may be unsettled during this period so some flexibility may be necessary. 

However, it is crucial that we don't let them forget the things they have worked on this school year already, nor hold them back from the next stage in their learning. 

Therefore all year groups will post regularly specific tasks or activities, or general projects for this children to undertake. These will be shared through the blog sections of the year group (under news) and updated regularly. If you have any questions about the work, need support or just want to share the work your child has done then please email the relevant teacher. (Email addresses are on the year group page) All staff will be at work during the closure, under some flexible working so please be patient while waiting for a reply. We are still here for your child - there is no need to buy tutor time or extra learning books - if you don't have enough work please say.  

Please also try to talk to your child about limiting screen time - we know it is important to have 'down time' regularly but try to make this not always when they are on technology. It may be worth before the week starts agreeing a daily limit for the screens. It is also important that you do some exercise (there are some PE links on the homework links) and take some time to have some fun being creative or playing games with your child. 

As well as finding information about homework direct from the official website we now can share our school app. This will give up to date information and links straight to your phone or tablet without the need for more traditional social media platforms. Download the SCHOOL NEWS app (by E4Education) from your play store and search for our school by putting in the school postcode - NN14 4JU. As teachers upload further work, the link will arrive straight to your device, no need to keep checking the website.

The first set of work will be uploaded before Monday 23rd March. Please have a safe and calm weekend with your children first.