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Primary School

Media crew report on Dojos

Our media crew wrote a blog about our reward system. 

As you may know, our school has a dojo system (house points).

Dojos are awarded for being kind, helpful or working hard.

Two main children in year 6, help to provide badges and certificates for anyone who have passed the dojo levels – bronze, silver and gold (maybe even platinum). Their job is very important as it helps the school to be organised. A few other children help in ks1 to count the dojos for the younger ones.

One of our teachers, Mrs Aldwinckle gives out the jobs and tells them what to do. The Year 6s do a job for the whole school from reception to year six. It is a big responsibility as the badge and certificate makers award them in our commendations assembly. The awards go to the amazing students here at TPS. They have said, “it is a great job and a huge responsibility.”

Dojo’s are important because the houses; Water, Fire, Earth and Air could win either a mufti day or a film day. The house with the most amount of dojos wins altogether. The system works very well. They have folders for each year group. They also have class sheets who has got an award and who needs one. They give up their lunchtimes to help the teachers and students who need an award.

Media Crew GS