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Primary School

World Book Day Reminder

Just a reminder that Thursday 4th March is World Book Day

Information for Parents

World Book Day is Thursday 4th March 2021. It will look a little different this year, as we will still be doing remote learning, however we would like to share some optional activities that you might like to do to celebrate World Book Day and reading at home.

Fancy Dress

If your child would like to dress up as a favourite book character for World Book Day, they are more than welcome to, but there is no expectation that children do this. They could dress up at a book character at any point in the week, or if your child would like attend their live lesson dressed as a book character then they can do so. If you would like to send us a photo of your child dressed up, then it will be gratefully received. If your child is attending school, in person, on Thursday 4th  March then they can dress up if they would like to.

Potato Book Character

An alternate idea to fancy dress, is to dress a potato as a book character. If you choose to do this activity, please send a photo to your child’s class teacher, and with permission we will share them on the school website. If your child is currently attending school, in person, and they would like to create a potato book character, then they can bring it into school on Thursday 4th March. Please see the video:  

Building a reading den

Lots of children have enjoyed building dens in recent weeks, and having somewhere special to read can make it even more enjoyable! If your child would like to build a reading den, please take a photo of them reading a favourite book inside it - we would love to see the photos.

Ideas for a reading den:

  • Lots of cushions and blankets.
  • A tent.
  • A big carboard box.
  • Under a table.

Sharing a favourite book

Sharing books is the best way to find out about different and to stay engaged with reading. If your child would like to share their favourite book then they could do this either on the live lesson, by writing about it, or doing a short video. If your child is attending school, in person, on that day, and they would like to talk about their favourite book then they will be given an opportunity to, but we ask that the actual book stays at home.

Sharing a book might entail:

  • Showing the front cover.
  • Reading the blurb.
  • Summarising the main points.
  • Talking about favourite characters.
  • Saying what you like about the book. Is it funny? Do the characters go on a good adventure? Is it set in an exciting place? Does it have a cliff hanger?
  • Saying who you would recommend the book to, and why


World Book Day website

The World Book Day website has a wealth of ideas for how to celebrate reading: The ‘Share a Story’ page has a selection of narrated stories for younger children.

Thank you for your continued support.