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Primary School

Cricket Results and Football Update.

Cricket results and change to the football challenges.

I have just found out that we have maintained our 100% winning record for our district in the cricket activities of last week, which takes us into this week’s football challenges undefeated!

However, I noticed today that one of the activities I made a video for has been changed.  The target challenge has been swapped for foot golf. The details are on the official video If you have already completed the target challenge – don’t worry I have worked out a score adjustment system which has been permitted by the organisers. If you would rather do the target challenge then that’s fine (just let me know when you send your scores in) but the easiest solution would be to do the foot golf activity. However just make sure you complete the challenges and send me your scores by Friday lunchtime.

The keepie uppie challenge remains as does the control challenge and the whole school keepie uppie challenge where chocolate prizes and an overall trophy are up for grabs will also remain.

As far as I am aware after football, we have a basketball challenge and a tennis activity. Currently we have won 6 out of 6. Let’s try and go for 9 out of 9!