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Primary School

Virtual School Games - Football ands the Great TPS Keepie Uppie Challenge!

Week ? - Football and the TPS keepie uppie competition.

Thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s cricket activity. The results have not yet been published but I will send out a blog when they come in.

This week’s (virtual) sporting challenge is football which is one many of you have been waiting for, and because of this, I am going to throw in an extra school competition.

I will get to the extra competition in a minute but the school games activity consists of three tasks – keepie uppie, ball control and a target challenge.

All three will be explained in the official video which can be found on or you can have a look at the alternative videos I made for keepie uppie -, ball control and target challenge -

I want to get as many people as possible involved this week so try and persuade your friends in your class to have a go.


I am also running a whole school keepie uppie competition. There will be a trophy awarded to whoever can do the most keepie uppies in one minute across the school.

Furthermore, chocolate prizes will be awarded to year group winners for boys and girls.

Finally, as an extra incentive IF you manage to beat my score you will also receive a chocolate reward – but proof will be needed! Either in the form of video evidence or you showing me your keepie uppies.

Watch the video for more information about this.

Good luck.