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Primary School

Week 5 - Cricket

Week 4 Results and Week 5 Challenges.

So… we have maintained our 100% record for finishing in the top 10 in the county and 1st in the Corby, Oundle and Thrapston District. So well done to everyone who participated in the Goalball / Fairground Challenge.

This week, despite me telling you we would be doing Football, we are doing Cricket, they changed the order.

For the football I am going to be running an extra competition for keepie uppies (which is one of the activities), so get practising!

Anyhow this week’s cricket consists of a bowling, a batting and a fielding challenge. If you want to see how it’s done properly watch the official video - If you want to see my alternative effort where I am hitting items round my classroom with a cleaning sign then follow this link -

Either way, make sure you get your results into me by Friday lunchtime please and let’s trying and maintain our 100% winning record.

Good luck.