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Primary School

Fairground Challenge aka Goalball / Boccia

Virtual Games - Week 4 Fairground Challenge

To start with I would like to celebrate the fact that we won Corby, Oundle and Thrapston District Athletics last week and finished 3rd overall in the county. So well done everybody. We have maintained our 100% winning record within our district so let’s keep that going!

This week we have the Fairground Challenge – which Northamptonshire Sport refer to as Goalball and Boccia. I have included their video and my version of that. There are some differences between the two!

Here is their official video

I recommend you do the challenges like I did so our scoring is consistent. The Tin Can Golf is the same (except my course was way more adventurous). The Spin to Win was the same (only they didn’t really specify how many attempts you get. I was told you have 10 throws and it is your score out of 10. So maybe stick to that. The Bucket Bingo on their video is a bit odd, I did not pay too much attention to the bingo element (because it was not explained to me) so I would stick with our version – how many times can you throw an item in the bucket in 30 seconds.

Here are the links to my videos: introduction Tin Can Golf Spin and Win Bucket Bingo


We have until Friday lunchtime to do these challenges so I look forward to receiving your scores.

Good luck.