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Gymnastics Results and Next Challenges.

Gymnastics Results / Athletics / Fairground Challenges

I would like to thank everyone who took part in the Gymnastics challenge last week. Over the county we finished 7th in the infants and 9th in the juniors.

However, across the Corby, Oundle and Thrapston district we finished 1st in infants, juniors and overall school categories – so well done everybody!

That is three consecutive weeks that we have won in the Corby, Oundle and Thrapston District and I am confident that this week we will make it four in a row!

This week’s activity is Athletics and the three challenges we have been asked to compete in are shuttle runs, speed bounce and chest push – which are all activities we did in the Lockdown Olympics three weeks ago.

I have spoken with Chris Long, who said that the scores we submitted for the Lockdown Olympics are also valid for this challenge. So we already have 87 entries!

If you want to try and beat your previous score, or if you didn’t get round to taking part last time, then that is fine. I will include the links to the official video put out by Northamptonshire school sport and the alternative video I put out (just ignore the standing long jump and target throw) Let’s see if we can push those 87 entries up to 100!

However, safe in the knowledge that we already have a good score for this week, I thought we should look ahead to next week’s challenge and have a two week push on that.

Next week is half term and the plan is to hold a fairground games type activity – so the activities planned are tin can golf, spin and win and bucket bingo!

I have put together a video for these half term challenges and we have almost 2 weeks to get our results in.


Tin Can Golf

Spin and Win

Bucket Bingo

After half term we have the Football challenge for the week beginning 1st June – which I want EVERYONE to participate in.

So if you want to have a go / another go at the Athletics, then do so and let’s also have a go at the Fairground Challenge.

After all, we have a 100% winning streak to protect!

I hope you are all well and keep up the great work!