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Primary School

Dodgeball Update and Week 2 - Gymnastics!

Dodgeball results and Gymnastics challenges.

Thank you to the 30 children that participated in the dodgeball challenges. We did well as a school finishing 6th in the infants section (Nursery - Year 2) and 4th in the juniors (years 3-6).

This week's challenges are in Gymnastics!!!

This fills me with dread! I have put out an alternative video for the past two weeks but I am going to not do that this week because my idea of gymnastics is putting on my socks in the morning or picking something up off the floor! 

However I have given the link to the proper video which will explain the challenges sensibly and accurately. I will do a video for next week's activity (whatever it may be!) (

I hope you enjoy the activities and again, could you please email your results to me by Friday at midday and I will enter them into the tournament.

Thank you.