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Primary School

Week 1 - Virtual Dodgeball

How (not) to play virtual dodgeball!

So, as you know I have signed us up for a series of virtual sports competitions.

Well… this week is  virtual dodgeball.

Yesterday I gave you the link to the official video which showed how it should be done properly!

Well this morning, after several attempts, which involved me being hit numerous times by balls, socks and a soaking wet cuddly toy tiger, I completed an unofficial video showing how it can be done (badly) without the required equipment in a rather ad-hoc fashion. 

This competition runs until Friday. Please take part and have a bit of fun with it. We are competing against over 200 schools across Northamptonshire so again the more people taking part, the more points we will get!

Scores have already started coming through and will be sent to the tournament organiser at midday on Friday.

So have fun and good luck.