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  • Uniform swap facility.

    Published 24/06/20, by Bethan Charles

    Dear Parents and Carers

    We hope you are all well and keeping safe.  Now more than ever, we are all looking for ways to support others. One way is to help relieve the financial strain of buying uniform. Therefore we have set up a Facebook group for parents/carers to donate/swap uniform items with other families.

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  • The Final Challenge

    Published 22/06/20, by Kevin Smith

    Basketball results and tennis challenges

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  • Week 8 Basketball

    Published 15/06/20, by Kevin Smith

    Football results and basketball challenges

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  • Celebrity Supply Teacher

    Published 10/06/20, by Bethan Charles

    Have you seen the new lessons from CBBC who have a guest celebrity everyday? 

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  • Cricket Results and Football Update.

    Published 08/06/20, by Kevin Smith

    Cricket results and change to the football challenges.

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  • Virtual School Games - Football ands the Great TPS Keepie Uppie Challenge!

    Published 07/06/20, by Kevin Smith

    Week ? - Football and the TPS keepie uppie competition.

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  • Week 5 - Cricket

    Published 01/06/20, by Kevin Smith

    Week 4 Results and Week 5 Challenges.

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  • Resilience resources from our Pastoral team.

    Published 01/06/20, by Bethan Charles

    When we experience sudden or unsettling change, one thing that can help us cope is resilience. Resilience helps us deal with the emotions a new situation may cause, and helps us bounce back from difficulties we might encounter.

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  • Fairground Challenge aka Goalball / Boccia

    Published 26/05/20, by Kevin Smith

    Virtual Games - Week 4 Fairground Challenge

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  • Pictures from the Virtual Sports Challenges.

    Published 21/05/20, by Kevin Smith

    Athletics, Dodgeball and Gymnastics Pictures.

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  • Gymnastics Results and Next Challenges.

    Published 19/05/20, by Kevin Smith

    Gymnastics Results / Athletics / Fairground Challenges

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  • Gymnasts needed! Or anyone who can balance and roll!

    Published 15/05/20, by Kevin Smith

    Can you balance?

    Can you roll?

    Can you combine both these skills?

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